Rehearsals are underway

And the week is underway! 

Beginning with community workshops and young artist rehearsals, our professional and emerging artists have brought the Queenstown Memorial Centre to life with their beautiful sounds. 

Our musicians began their day with rehearsals for their individual recitals before a professional development session hosted by professional artist Bridget Douglas. Coming together for the afternoon the young artists began rehearsing for their Young Artist Chamber Concert on Sunday with guidance from professional artists Robin Wilson, Andrew Joyce and Madeleine Pierard.

Community workshops began this afternoon with Bridget Douglas who worked with Turn Up The Music Trust Concert Band students and teachers. Robin Wilson held an open violin workshop at the Queenstown Memorial Centre, attended by young violinists. Bridget Douglas and Andrew Joyce headed over to Bannockburn for a coaching session with the Central Otago Regional Orchestra.

Robin Wilson coaching young artists KiHei, Peter, Otis, Zephyr and Begonia for their Chamber Concert
Andrew Joyce coaching young artists April, Hazuki, Shuan and Cecile for their Chamber Concert
Robin Wilson hosting open violin class for young violinists