Impromptu Fergburger performance!

Getting excited for public performances – some of the young artists put on an impromptu, flashmob style performance outside the famous Fergburger. A fun, light-hearted performance, had people in the Fergburger queue taking videos and stopping passerbys in their tracks. Even the Ferg chefs came outside for a listen!

A fun way to finish off the artists Thursday rehearsals. And of course they were rewarded with world-famous delicious burgers courtesy of Fergburger!  

Check shots from the evening and get a sneak peak of the talent performing below.

Young artists Cecile McNeill, Hazuki Katsukawa, Stefenie Pickston, Begonia Chan and KiHei Lee outside Fergburger
Hazuki Katsukawa, Stefenie Pickston and Cecile McNeill impromptu performance outside Fergburger
The young artists with their juicy Fergburgers after their performance – perfect end to the evening!