2019 Winner, Anna Im, Announces she cannot undertake her Winner’s Tour

Hi, I’m Anna Im and I’m the winner of the 2019 Michael Hill International Violin Competition.I have been so looking forward to coming back to New Zealand this year for my Winners Tour, made possible through Chamber Music New Zealand, but the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic means that I’m not able to, so I have the very sad situation now of missing what would have been an amazing opportunity of making music with Stephen De Pledge, and playing concerts for New Zealanders.I was in my final year of study at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia when the virus hit the world, I came home to South Korea – and I’ve been well and safe so far.I have been spending the last couple of months doing a lot of practice and keeping as positive as possible but have to say it is really frightening to see what has so quickly happened to my industry and intended career. My musical idols and peers have seen their livelihood simply disappear, and whilst I am sad I cannot perform this winter in New Zealand, I am so happy to see that New Zealand musicians and audiences can, again, enjoy concerts as they were intended.My thanks go to Chamber Music New Zealand and the Michael Hill International Violin Competition for being so sensitive to my situation as well as looking after the health and well-being of their staff and communities. And it’s very good that Amalia Hall, also a Curtis graduate, was already in New Zealand and could quickly step in and play the concerts on this tour. I wish Amalia and Stephen safe travels, and good times, and sincerely hope I will have the opportunity in the future to return to New Zealand.