Instrument Bank recipient shares news from her musical travels across Europe

Dear Sir Michael and Anne, 

I wanted to give you an update on my European study and let you know where the Bergonzi violin is. I have been studying in Austria for 3 months now and it has been amazing. Attached is a photo of my violin class with our teacher Professor Vesna Stankovic, Concertmaster of the Volksoper Wien. I caught up with Ben Morrison recently for a lesson, it was great to see another kiwi over here! He is a wonderful player and teacher. 

My chamber professor is Alexander Pavlovsky, first violinist of the Jerusalem String Quartet, he’s incredible, so it is very exciting to learn under him. I am learning German, however I’m afraid it’s at the point where my English grammar has gone out the window but I can barely string together a sentence auf Deutsch… 

I will be staying in Europe for summer. I have been invited to join the SouthBank Sinfonia (a London-based orchestra) for a tour of Italy in June. In August, I will be in Serbia at the Stefan Milenkovic Institut, one of the most competitive violin summer programs in Europe. There, I will have 3 lessons each week with Professor Milenkovic, chamber coaching, theory lessons, physical therapy and performance opportunities. 

I have also been accepted to extend my exchange programme at Kunstuni Graz for another semester. This means I will be in Austria until the Winter semester ends in Feb 2025.

You’ll be happy to hear that the MHIVC has a great reputation amongst violinists here – when I say I’m from NZ, everyone asks about the Lord of the Rings and your competition! Two kiwi icons. 

Many thanks,

Rose Light 

(pictured – second from right)


About the Instrument Bank:

Rose is a one of 12 particularly talented young musicians who have each received a loan instrument to support their next steps towards a classical performance career. The loan has been facilitated by the Hill Family Foundation for Arts and Music.

The Instrument Bank was conceived in 2020 by the Hill Family Foundation for Art and Music with the recognition that New Zealand’s young musicians are in need of instruments and often lack access and the resource to enjoy and participate in classical music education. The programme will consist of two principal streams: gifted instruments to provide for our community of learners in need financially; and loaned instruments to provide for our talented young musicians in artistic need.