Sunday night performances

Easter Sunday – Our lovely musicians volunteered their time and talent at local churches for their Easter services yesterday morning. 

The afternoon hosted more amazing concerts and recitals. Yesterday’s community performance showcased Wasabi – the Japanese choir, piano students of Kinga Krupa, Aspiring Chamber Ensemble and young artist Zephyr Willis (a musician of incredible talent and range) was pulled in at the last minute to perform. Not only does Zephyr play the viola, but he’s also a talented guitarist, harmonicist and singer, performing songs by Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger and even some of his own works.  

The young musicians brought the Queenstown Memorial Centre to life with their beautiful recitals and chamber concert later in the evening. Performing some of the best of chamber music from Schumann’s Piano Quintet to Dvořák’s Quintet and Schubert’s Shepherd on the Rock captivated the audience with enchanting performances.

Wasabi, Japanese Choir
Piano Student of Kinga Krupa
Violist Cecile McNeill
Violinist Hazuki Katsukawa
Chamber ensemble performing Schumann’s Piano Quintet
Chamber ensemble performing Dvořák’s Quintet