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Final Day Of Queenstown Rounds

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Have You Picked Your Top Six?

At the end of the day our international jury will retire to decide on the top six semi-finalists to go through to Round III in Auckland.

Jurors follow a strict voting procedure and do not discuss competitors. Each juror votes in confidence for his/her first choice of semi-finalist to advance to Round III and a semi-finalist may only advance by receiving a majority vote. The process is repeated until six semi-finalists have been selected for Round III.

Meanwhile, Sir Michael has been enjoying the competition – we’re not sure who he is cheering on!

As well as a $40,000 cash prize, a major winner’s tour and a CD recording, the winner of the Competition also receives a custom-designed gown from Kiri Nathan or a tailored suit from Working Style. Competition executive director Anne Rodda is sporting a beautiful Kiri Nathan dress today.