Press frenzy

We’ve enjoyed some good press coverage lately, especially as we’ve moved closer to the start of the Competition today.

Below is a quick overview for those too busy or too far away to have seen it.

NZ Herald
Quarter-finalists Mairead Hickey, Matthias Well and Ashley Park had an interesting discussion with the New Zealand Herald about the impact social media is having on their lives as performers.

NZ Herald Viva
Quarter-finalist Rimma Benyumova (pictured) shared some of her top tips on how to let your beauty shine, both in and outside, with NZ Herald Viva.

Radio NZ Upbeat
Our long-time Luthier Richard Panting and Artistic Advisor Dene Olding had a chat with our media partner Radio New Zealand about what’s expected over the coming days.

Otago Daily Times
Today, they published a gorgeous image of all our 2019 Competitors with Competition Founder, Sir Michael Hill.

Quarter-finalist Jacqueline Audas told the Otago Daily Times about how she talked her parents into letting her start playing the violin at three years old (it would have been two had she had her way!) – thanks to Sesame Street.

Radio NZ
Competition Director Anne Rodda and former Winner Bella Hristova also chatted to Radio NZ, when Bella was in town to launch her album.

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