Day 8 – Don’t forget to vote for ‘The Audience Prize’ – every vote counts!

The Audience Prize is live… it’s time to have your say! 

Online voting for our Audience Prize is now open and ready for you to lodge your preferences. Each voter has the opportunity to ‘vote’ once per round (there are 4 rounds, including the Final). Our voting system is a voter preference system, which means you will rank the players in order of your most ‘preferred’, with 1 being your favourite.

You simply need to follow the link below and click on your favourite performers in order of preference. You can also drag & drop photos to change the order of preference as you go too.

The Audience Prize is about how artists communicate with their audience, so this is your chance to tell us who really ‘spoke’ to you during their performance.


If you couldn’t get to Queenstown or catch any of the livestreams for the first two Quarter Final rounds – never fear!

Our Livestream dream team of JX Live/ RNZ Concert and TomTom productions have delivered fantastic quality footage which is now available to view on our MHIVC Youtube Channel.

We will be adding all performance sessions across the entire competition.