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Dressing The Part

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Dressing The Part

We’re reaching the end of day one of the Competition and along with beautiful performances, we’ve also seen a parade of gorgeous gowns worn by our 13 female semi-finalists.

While every semi-finalist has put in hours and hours of practice before they take to the stage, thought and planning has also gone into what they wear, and for the women, that means evening gowns.

NZTrio violinist and presenter of our ‘Insider’s Guide’ Justine Cormack says the choice of clothing for all semi-finalists is important and they need to look the part. “It’s equally important for men and women, but for women, it can go more wrong.”

German semi-finalist Sarah Christian chose an elegant gown for her Round I performance and says selecting what to wear is an important part of planning for the Competition and she has particular dresses which have associations with good performances. “It has to be absolutely comfortable and ‘fit’ the stage well, but the dress shouldn’t catch all the attention – the music has to be the most important.”

Round II of the Competition begins tomorrow at 9.30am NZ time and is spread over two days. The 18 semi-finalists each perform four pieces – a Paganini Caprice, two movements from a selected sonata with piano, Caravan by Jack Body, and a virtuoso work of the competitor’s own choice from the 19th or 20th century.