The Michael Hill International Violin Competition Charitable Trust does not purchase instruments or meet instrument hire costs but instead facilitates the loan of instruments from private owners and collectors. We expect that the need for instruments will outstrip what we are able to facilitate.

The MHIVC Trust provides the knowledgeable facilitation of a quality instrument matched with a worthy and deserving young artist; it also provides the luthier set up costs, the instrument insurance premiums, the appropriate legal agreements and the programme administration.

Recipient artists will need to demonstrate they are dedicated to their musical studies or are at a critical juncture of their professional growth. It is critically important that the recipient has quality storage and behaviours in place to engender trust and confidence for benefactors. We welcome requests from private teachers, students and families demonstrating how an instrument will nurture and transform a particular young artist. The ability to travel with the instrument will vary between arrangements depending on the views of the benefactor.


  1. Talented violinists, violists, and cellists 13 years and older who have begun or are about to embark on a quality music education.
  2. Early-career violinists, violists and cellists who are in a key period with regard to career development.
  3. New Zealand citizen or resident or have lived and/or studied in New Zealand for a minimum of two years. They do not need to be living in New Zealand to apply but the Trust will not ship or deliver instruments offshore.
  4. Agree to maintain permanent resident status in New Zealand for the term of the loan, unless the MHIVCCT agrees otherwise.
  5. Be recognised as an outstanding artist by their teacher and/or employer.
  6. Students must have complete support from their parent/guardian and are responsible for meeting the requirements of the insurance policy.
  7. Agree to provide a minimum of one private concert per year to the owner benefactor of the instrument and invitations to attend public performances.


How to Submit an Expression of Interest:

  • Complete and submit the Expression of Interest form
  • An audition video may be required at the discretion of the Trust
  • If or when an instrument is available, and at the Trust’s discretion, we will contact the applicant for an interview. This may lead to the match of a suitable instrument
  • We will put in place a legally-binding loan agreement between the recipient and us and monitor it throughout the term of the loan

Application: by Expression of Interest