The Michael Hill International Violin Competition is supported by a dedicated team of experts from across New Zealand.

Anne Rodda
Sofia Onishko
Rebecca Hendl-Smith
Siobhan Waterhouse
Charlie & Co
Monika Hill
Blakat Bookeeping
James Jin
Dick Panting
James Roberts
Andy Jalfon, JXLive

Executive Director
Competition Coordinator
Marketing and Comms Specialist
Website Development
Fellowship Programme Lead
Competition Luthier
Livestream Broadcast specialist

Queenstown Team

Kinga Krupa
Amber Murell, Pure Black
Wytze Hoekstra
Samantha Strout, Tregold Weddings
Kenny Vaugh
Benn Lapper, TomTom Productions
Adrian Hollay
Venetia Ellis

Queenstown Local Relationship Development Support
Queenstown Business Development Support
Queenstown Piano Technician
Production and Stage Manager
Front of House and Hospitality
Queenstown Videography and Livestream
Queenstown Box Office Manager

Auckland Team

Jeffrey Holdaway
Claudia Ruff
JX Live

Auckland String Sessions Production
Auckland Event Support
Auckland Videography and Livestream

Special thanks to –

The staff of Chamber Music New Zealand
The staff of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra