Some guidelines of instruments we wish to attract:

The Michael Hill International Violin Competition Charitable Trust does not purchase instruments or meet instrument hire costs but instead facilitates the donation of instruments from families and owners where instruments are not being used to programmes where they are needed. We expect that the need for instruments will outstrip what we are able to facilitate, so preference will be given to programmes where there is greatest financial and social need.

Recipient programmes are established and with a track record of success both delivering quality music lessons to students and demonstrating social good. It is important that the recipient has quality storage and instrument provision systems in place to engender trust and confidence for owner-donors. Whilst we envisage primarily supporting existing community music programmes, we welcome requests from private teachers and families demonstrating how an instrument will nurture and transform a particular student.

If you wish to request an instrument(s) for your programme, the steps are

  1. Send an email to us at with a 1000-word description of your programme and explanation of your need. Please advise your region and identify what systems you have in place to oversee the responsible use by students of instruments.
  2. We will facilitate instruments made known to us that we have assessed and prepared as being ‘student-ready’ connect you with an instrument donor when one becomes available.
  3. We provide a ‘gift statement’ to the donor to sign that ascertains the instrument is theirs to donate.
  4. You and the donor organise delivery (which for student level instruments can be couriered), the cost of which are generally met by the programme.